Rooster Bot

A Discord bot built to insult, curse and entertain your discord.

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Planned updates/additions

    A better website. STFU - I know this one sucks

    Currency! Everyone loves a bot with custom currency.
    Mother Hen, Encouraging Rooster, and many more "personalities"
    More music. If you know about this bot. It runs on you listing to my music. Will add more!

Command list

pls type doo before each command

    Fun Command
    roast, pun, insult, penis, me, jokes, norris, dadjoke
    Images Commands
    horny, amongus, simpcard, triggered
    Ratings Command
    fuckrate, simprate, likerate, dankrank stankrank gayrate
    Time Wasters
    guess, nitro, uselessweb, usefulweb, animalfacts, random
    meme, dank, facepalm, funny, foodporn, aww, surreal, antiwork, sadcringe, gifs
    Animals Images
    dog, cat, panda, fox, red panda, koala, birb, racoon, kangaroo

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